A Message From Source (God)

During meditation I hear the Voice of God clearly tell me I had to get this message out.                                      You have to raise your vibrations to better support your Planet.  With the evil doings and chaos going on within our Planet, it is leaving a great negative imprint on Mother Earth.  They are draining her dry with the Fracking and drilling they are doing. The deforesting and depletion of our rain forest all has a negative effect on our Planet.  Mother Earth is in need of higher vibrations, love and light healing.                                      We can gather in groups or alone, but we should gather our vibrations of love, light, and healing energies and send it out to Mother Earth.                                                                                                                                                  Our Planet sustains us. She is full of wonderous glory. She sustains us with life giving food and water. The beauty she has bestowed on us to set our eyes on is amazing.  All these things and more She gives to us because She loves us. She needs us to give more love back to Her. All the natural diasters  that are taking place today are of our own making.  If we want Peace on Earth, then we must stop destoying her.                                                                                                                Namaste and Big Blessings to all,                                                                                                                   Evelyn


2 thoughts on “A Message From Source (God)”

  1. hi Evelyn,
    I am agreement with the way that we treat mother earth, and all this is changing slowly. people are starting to see that the earth speaks, and they are changing how they do things. I like this post, thanks


    1. Thank you so much, Chelsea, I hope we can change a little faster. LOL Yes, you are right, I think people are coming around and realizing that our Planet is Alive. We must take care of Her.


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